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Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm PST
is way too vague. the president won't sign anything that doesn't increase taxes for the wealthy. the gop counter offer calls for raising 800 billion in revenue without raising tax rates. >> if washington can't reach a deal cbs reporter jim axle rod says your paycheck is going to feel it. >> the payroll tax cut has given this family an extra $70 a month to spend. >> are you paying attention to what's going on in washington right now. >> of course we are. >> their 50,000-dollar a year income puts them in the middle of american households if the payroll tax cut is not extended those families would pay an average of $1,035 a year more in social security taxes. >> do you have room to cut back. >> no, sir i don't. i guess if i do some type of magic like we do every month. >> if the tax cut expires paycheck contributions will go from 4.2 percent to 6.2 percent. $115billion a year that will go to deficit reduction instead of being pumped into the economy. those in favor of allowing the tax cut to expire argue money for social security payments has to come from somewhere. although he says that so
Dec 3, 2012 11:00pm PST
. it includes $900 billion in entitlement cuts. it offers $800 billion in new tax revenues but only if the money comes from tax reform and not from raising rates on the wealthy. and that's where the stalemate is stuck. >> rates have to rise. and the republicans need to acknowledge that. that that's the only way to get from here to there. >> in a statement the white house said the plan fails the balance test. if the two sides cannot reach a deal by years end. tax hikes and spending cuts will automatically kick in. >> well, it's so hard to find good yelp these days. and now san francisco restaurant shutters says it's proof. jakes on market closed after 10 months. and its owners say yelpers had a lot to do with it. it thanks patrons for support but it calls out critics that has poor reviews on the wait staff's t-shirts. one review trashed a dish that jake's doesn't even make. >>> coming up a california magician on fire and it was not part of the act. the tv prank that went terribly wrong. >>> that sounds like something out of a james bond film. how john macafy says he tricked police to escape from
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm PST
, new water pump. state tax pairs paid more than $800. then she bought the car for personal use. her staff declined comment. according to an associated press report, 47 of the 64 lawmakers bought their cars. that's after taxpayers paid for repairs and maintenance. >> unfortunately they made a mistake and i think some of them realize they made a mistake hoping it wouldn't be disclosed to the public. >> reporter: california was the only state to have a car perk for state lawmakers until a year ago. a citizens commission ended program to save $5 million a year. some of the larger bills came from senator bob dunn gone. his chevy tahoe wracked up nearly $6000 in work. he says the car was nearly 100,000-miles. he bought it weeks later. new tires and a cooling system flush as part of a $2400 taxpayer bill before he bought the car. >> it's my money going to it. it's frustrating. >> sounds like we're getting ripped off. doesn't sound fair at all. we work really hard for our money. >> reporter: an unnamed source told me when lawmakers gave up their cars they got auction to dealers. lawmakers c
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)